Sunday, May 30, 2010

In My Next Life....

It's been a week since school let out, it's 100 degrees outside, I've had the flu (or something resembling the flu) for a better part of the week, I've been working to build my business, done a lot of networking events and such, and then.....

I woke up this morning to what looks like a war zone!  My house has literally "gone to the dogs!"  Ronda and I spent the evening here working, so I didn't clean the kitchen after dinner, the clean clothes are piled feet-high on the living room couch, there are blankets everywhere (despite the hot temperatures!!), the stairs have so much stuff piled on them that it's a miracle no one has plummeted to their death trying to navigate around all the clutter, and....well....I could go on, but I think you get the point!!  If the doorbell were to ring, I would not even let my closest friends inside!!

And amongst all this mess, I have animals--lots and lots of animals--laying around, seemingly oblivious to the chaos that surrounds them!! 

Tweak, our Hunter...she's always bringing me presents
like dead birds or lizard tails.  She's so thoughtful!!

 Montana--our resident crazy lady!  She has to take prozac cuz she always tries to kill Max, the cattle dog....when you see the pics of Max, it will probably make sense!

This is Baby, I used to really like this one.....until.......  Well, let's just say I will like her more after I get her spayed!!

 Peaches....our old cat and reformed hunting champion!  Now he is only interested in 2 things--eating and sleeping, in no particular order!!

 Did you really think I was limited to dogs and cats???  These are two of our tortoises...Tank is the big guy.  He'll get to about 75 pounds.  And the little one is a baby sulcata.  He'll get even bigger than Tank!  
To their credit, they do not bark, meow, growl, bite, or bug!!
 Woah...almost forgot Hogan....God forbid, he's such a sensitive guy!!
 This is Max...don't let him fool you with this sleeping in the basket trick!!

 He's usually somewhere in the middle of the chaos!  Right now he and Jaxon are trying to figure out why there are still toys in the basket!

 Heck, we even have Monkeys that hang out in the trees!!
 But Wait!  Here is the Star of the Show...Jaxon!! 

 Jax and his toys!  He sleeps in his basket so no one will take his stuff!

 And another one of Jax just cuz he's the baby!!

I would like to state that this is far from ALL of our animals, but I just didn't want anyone to think I was exaggerating about having a zoo!!

Now back to my story about my disaster of a house!!!

Maybe the normal person would look at the mess surrounding them and their first thought would be to get up and start shoveling through it all....but my first thought???


Do any of them look stressed?  Embarrassed about the state of their surroundings?  Worried about whether HAZMAT is going to come in and condemn their home?  No.....none of them seem to care.....or even notice!  They just go on about their day, sleeping, playing, eating....all of their needs & most of their wants are given to them.....and they don't even have to clean up after themselves, much less everyone else!!

So, I ask you.....

Do you think I'm crazy for wanting, in my next life, to be one of my pets?  Looks like a good life to me!

But for now, I guess I better clean...cuz they sure as hell aren't going to!


Anonymous said...

Surely with all those animals your hubs is named Moses!

Lesa Antone said...

Actually, my husband would like to strangle me most days! Trust me, the zoo was not his idea!! But Hell, neither were the kids!


TV's Take said...

Wow, you should rename your blog to animal house! Looks like they have a good life. I'm following you from MBC. Come follow me at

jacabur1 said...

Lesa, the babies are so sweet and your Jax looks just like my Nikki when he was 4 months old. I am so glad you found my blog and I did follow you back over yesterday evening just did not find this post until now. I love it, you have Monkeys in the trees!! LOL

The pets have the right idea, let the chaos reign supreme and they sleep through it all.

jackie b central texas

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