Sunday, May 23, 2010

"They'll Grow Up Before You Know It!!" Words to live by...

I never really imagined what it would feel like when my first child would graduate from high school and move on from childhood to adulthood--until the reality of that hit this week when my daughter walked up to receive her diploma.  It was such a mix of emotions--part excitement, part joy, part sad--but beneath it all is pure pride that my child, the little baby that taught me what true love was, is growing up.

As she moves on with her life, discovering her passions, pursuing her dreams, walking through failure and triumph, I realize how grateful I am for who she is, and who she will become.  As with most 17-year old young adults, she flip-flops between what she wants to do with her life.  What her career path will be and where she will go to college.

Today, I am grateful for so many things.  For my husband, who is not my kids' biological father, but treats them as his own, and supports them in every way he can.  For my younger son, who is still discovering himself and his potential.  For my friends, who keep me moving forward.  For my parents, who have supported me through my own journey through motherhood...and who have laughed with me, and at me, as I struggle through life with teenagers....For God, whose love and guidance in my life, always shows me the way.....

And for the company I work with, who makes it possible for me to have a career that enables me to not only work from home around my own schedule, but to earn an incredible income as well.  With my business, I know I have the financial means to help my daughter get a jump-start on her life.  I can help her pay for college, allow her to work part-time so she can focus on her studies, and provide her with the tools she will need to succeed. 

For much of the kids' life, I was a single mom and worked hard to climb the corporate ladder to support my kids.  They spent time a lot of time in after-school programs while I worked long hours to make ends meet.  If only I had known then what I know now!!  Now, rather than working hard to make other people rich, I work shorter, smarter hours, to make myself "rich."  My "riches" today are not simply monetary.  They are the riches of a happy, fulfilling life.  I work from home, I work with friends, I work with my team, I work with the owners of my company, I work my way! 

Yes, today is a day that I can wake up, look at my almost-grown children, and be proud of my life.  I have taken control of my own financial future and am creating my own journey.  And by doing so, I am showing my children that they too, can reach for the moon and land amongst the stars!


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