CandleLight Dreams

Why "CandleLight Dreams?"  
Our Company & Team

When you join my team, you will be working with a company that truly wants you to achieve your dreams!  They have created truly amazing products that are easy to sell, along with a compensation plan that combines the best aspects of high-performing companies (think Mary Kay, Avon, etc...) and created a custom compensation plan that is the BEST IN THE BUSINESS!!

Why Join the Company?
  • NO Money to Join!
  • NO Sales Quotas!
  • NO Stocking Product you do not want! 
  • Up to 100% Profit On Every Sale!!
  • Multiple Ways to Earn Money:
    • Buy your products wholesale!
    • Sell your products Retail--Online or in your Community!
    • Get involved with Fund-Raising events!
    • Build a Team for long-term Residual Income!
    • Or do All of These!!!  The Choice is YOURS!

Why Join My Team?
  • You will have the support and personal mentoring from a team of industry leaders who are earning 6-figure incomes, and want to show you how you can too!!
  • You will receive as much training as you can handle--including an extensive and impressive Training Site that gives you step-by-step answers to all your questions, as well as ongoing Webinars to help you get started and keep going to build your business!!
  • You have a Team of Leaders who pick up the phone when you call--and will personally walk you through any issues, and who want to know you as a person, and help you overcome any obstacles standing in your way!
  • You will have the full support of the Owners of the company--who are dedicated to your success, and are always available for ALL of us!!
  •  You will have MY dedication to your success!  I am available and will do all I can to help you achieve YOUR dreams--whatever they might be!
For Less than $50 per month, you will receive
  • Featured Products of the Month, delivered to your door!
  •  A fully-functioning website, set up and managed for you, including handling all of your online orders placed by your customers from your site!
  •  Your website also includes an extensive back-office to help you manage your business!
  • All of the training and support you can handle!

Why "CandleLight Dreams?"  
fragrances create the mood

Because home fragrance, candles in particular, is something that I am passionate about!  When people come into my home (myself included), I want the first thing they notice, is the fresh smell.  Our sense of smell is so acute, and is also one of our most-used senses.  It can warn us of a danger (smoke, poison, etc...), it can energize us (citrus, berry, spicy), it can bring us comfort (vanilla, sandalwood), and it can trigger deep memories (think of the smell of your grandma's house, or your favorite bakery.)

I choose my fragrance of the day depending on my mood or my plans.  If it is house-cleaning day, for example, I might choose a zesty fragrance like Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper, which energizes me and gives my home a clean smell. 

If I want to curl up with a good book and relax, I might choose Tahitian-Spiced Vanilla, or HoneyBee Vanilla, both which are calming and soothing.

Regardless of what atmosphere or energy you are trying to create, I have the perfect scent to enhance your space!!  With over 90 fragrances, there truly is something for everyone and for every mood!

Why "CandleLight Dreams?" 
All-Natural Products 

We've all seen candles that either burn down the center, leaving more wax on the jar than was burned.
We've all seen candles that create toxic black smoke in the jar, on your walls, and in your air.
We've all seen candles. that smell good when you get them, but lose the smell before the candle is gone.

Nothing is more frustrating than to find what seems like either a great bargain on a seemingly lovely candle in our favorite scent, only to have it perform at substandard levels.  Whether it doesn't burn completely and evenly, leaves black soot (poison) in the jar and in our air & lungs, or it loses that awesome fragrance that drew us in, it is a disappointment.  And a waste of money!
Our Candles are Different!!!
Our candles are created from a proprietary vegetable wax.  They are:
  • Natural (think "green")
  • 100% Cotton Wicks!  (no lead, zinc, or other poisons to pollute your air or lungs!
  • Clean-Burning from beginning to end
  • Long-Lasting (a 16-oz jar candle lasts between 90-120 hours!)
  • Double-or-Triple Wicked (ensures complete and even melting so you get to use the whole candle!)
  • Triple-Scented (using only the finest perfumes on the market--ensuring you true-to-life fragrances that last from the first light to the last flicker!!
  • MADE IN THE USA!! Our products and company are made in the USA, providing jobs for Americans and helping the U.S. economy!!  We do not outsource--EVER!
  • Our candles have been called "The Highest Performing Candle on the Market Today!!!"

Why "CandleLight Dreams?"  
 Because you deserve to work with a company that cares about you.  They understand that Family Comes First!  You work your business on your time, in your own way that works for you!!  
They have created fabulous product lines that sell themselves.  And then give you the personal training and dedication you need to get your business on the road to success!
They have created a compensation plan that is the best in the business.  With so many ways to earn, and no money to join, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by requesting more information on how WE CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS!!!

My personal guarantee of free, no-hassle information!!
Be informed!  Learn more about our company or products using any of the links above, or by visiting any of the sites below!  The information is free!  And if you decide this is not the right business for you, or the right time for you to start a business, I will respect your decision, and will not "hassle" you....So go ahead and ask for further information!  It cannot hurt to learn how we can help you!!
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Or leave me a comment here!!  I look forward to talking with you!!