About Lesa

Hi!  Glad you stopped by and hope you find something here that will keep you coming back.  I try to find all kinds of  things to write about, and one of these days, will be a little more organized with it.  Maybe.  Or...maybe not. 

I am a 41 year old mother with 2 teenagers.  My daughter, Taylor, will be 18 in July and my son, Andrew, is 16.  After divorcing their father when Andrew was 1, I moved my kids from Oregon to Huntington Beach, CA where the kids and I found "home."   I had a couple great careers while there that enabled me to provide a nice life for the kids and I.  We had great friends who became family and we lived for the beach!  Surfing was a big part of our lives, and a great way for us to bond.

I met my husband, Russell, on an internet dating service, and we ended up moving to Arizona with him.  His career was far more advanced than mine and so it made sense for the kids and I to move with him.  It has taken awhile, but Arizona is home now.  The surfing isn't as good, but it's a trade-off!

I "retired" after moving here .... until recently when I ran into this incredible gourmet candle company.  I am now working with them and hoping to build my business, while helping others do the same.  I also have my Retailer's License and have a business called "Chaos Couture."  I haven't worked the business for awhile because of external circumstances, but last week made an offer to rent some salon space and get my business up and running!!  So excited about this new venture!!!  I will be featuring boutique clothing for women, as well as some bling-y jewelry...and candles of course!!!

Stop by later and I'll get the pics posted of my stuff and let you all know how it's going!  This is my dream and I cannot believe I am actually seeing it come to life!! 

Until Next Time....