Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Favorite Designer Discount Site!!

Okay, so I was trying to figure out something to write about today that would be different than what I have already written....yes.....different from all 5 of my previous posts!  (Or is it 4??)

I went through a list of things going on right now, like lazy teenagers who sleep til noon, whether or not I believe Jack Bauer (24) is really going to die this season, or maybe even my personal assessment of which brand of tissue really is best....

I know, I know...these are all very compelling topics, and I am still tempted, but I had a crazy thought that I thought some of you might like better!  Discount Shopping!!!  Yes, those beautiful high-end items that we covet, but just can't imagine spending $150 on a tank top or $50 for four shades of eye shadow or $100 for a bamboo throw blanket.  Even in my most manic shopping moments, I am pretty good at realizing that a piece of cotton selling for $150 is really only making someone else rich.  However, if I can get that same shirt for $30?  Heck yeah, I'm all over it!!

Now, I have a lot of discount sites that I love, and one of these days, I will do a post listing more of my favorites, but at the networking event I attended on Wednesday, I was wearing my newest acquisition...a Romeo & Juliet Couture Tank Top.  I got so many compliments on it and shared this site with quite a few people, so I thought I'd share it here too.

Whether you are looking for designer handbags, shoes, clothing for the whole family, home accents & furnishing, or some really fabulous beauty products, you have to go to Hautelook!

Every day (except Sundays) at 8:00 am they launch new designer lines.  There are usually at least 20 different brands they are promoting in all different categories.  Now, the hitch is that you have to get there early because there are sometimes limited sizes and quantities available, and each sale only lasts a couple of days.  Some days you might find nothing you like...and some days you might get an urge to take out a second mortgage to buy all the stuff you want!  So my advice is to sign up for their daily email and go early and go often!!

The shipping is cheap and fast.  The customer service rocks.  And if you don't like it, you can return most items within 14 days, without a hassle.

So there you have it!  Today's tip on getting those awesome pieces you want at prices you can afford!!  Hit the link and sign up now!!  You never know what you will find!

By the way.....if you talk to my husband, don't tell him you heard about this from me!! (love you Russell!!)

Look like a Million Bucks for Less!!

Link to Hautelook


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to agree that I am awesome. Since I am here.

None of those outfits would look good on me!

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