Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Calorie-Free Indulgences....For You or Someone Else


When choosing a candle for someone else, it is not always easy to know what fragrance they will enjoy.  Of course, it is easy to ask what type of scents they like, but you can use what you know about them to make an educated guess. 

For example, if  they are the office “baker” who is always bringing in baked goods from home, it is probably safe to assume they will like a candle that provides that fresh-baked smell long after the cookies are gone.  This is also true of the person/persons who is the first one to dig into those treats!  A few scrumptious calorie-free choices might be:

 ALMOND BISCOTTIAlmond BiscottiBring home this Italian specialty and enjoy the scent of sweet almonds and vanilla as you imagine dunking them in your favorite after-dinner coffee!


blueberry muffinFreshly baked blueberry muffins hot out of the oven sure to get your taste buds going!



pastry shop

An incredible aroma that will have you thinking your home has been transformed into a pastry shoppe!

Of course, with over 90 unique, true-to-life scents, this is just a sample of the selection of sweet smells in our gourmet candle lines.  For the full listing of all our products, please visit my online store at

Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to some more of my favs!

Until Next Time, Dream Large


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