Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ditch the Generic Gift Card

Will anyone remember what you gave them, or what they did with it?

Gift cards began as a simple way to buy a gift for the one or two people on your list that you did not know well, or for who were particularly difficult to shop.  We had to actually put enough thought into the person to know their interests, and then go to that store to purchase the card.  Not true anymore.  Today, gift cards can be purchased for virtually any store from the mall to the grocery store.  If you want a Barnes and Noble card, or a Victoria’s Secret card, you can purchase one right at the checkout line of Safeway.  Further depersonalizing the gift, you can also purchase a Visa, MasterCard or Amex right alongside them. 

While I understand that there are times when a gift card is appropriate, I find it sad that it has become the “norm” in gift giving.  Rather than put time, thought, and energy into picking, or creating, a gift that someone will enjoy, we just rush through the grocery line and come out the other end with a handy catch-all gift card.  While most of us like to pick out our own gifts some of the time, it is a nice surprise to open an actual item.  Perhaps it is something we love, but would never buy for ourselves, even with the gift card.  Perhaps it is something given to us that will trigger a memory of the giver every time we use it or look at it.  Many of us end up using those cards on impulse purchases or necessities, rather than something we truly want.  I am even guilty of being caught at the last minute without a gift for someone, grabbed the unused card, and re-gifted it.  I am certain that is not the reason it was given to me. 

My last “gripe” about gift cards is that we do not always want someone to know exactly how much we spent (or did not spend) on them.  With a gift card, there is no sale price, no special deal, no discount.  We all know exactly how much was spent.  Sometimes that is acceptable; sometimes it is not. 

Next time you need a simple gift, whether for business associates or clients, acquaintances, for the hostess, friends, or family, try something more personal. The personal thought will mean a lot to the recipient.

Gourmet candles are a fantastic and personal way to show your appreciation for everyone on your list.  Did you know that 86% of all people burn scented candles in their home, and that number is going up.  Mia Bella Gourmet Candles can be ordered online and shipped to you, or to the recipient.  They are available in over 90 true-to-life fragrances, including several different product lines, including our Signature Line, our brand new Orchard Line, and our ever-popular Spa Line.

 We even have Bakery Pies and Cinna-buns, which come in their own tins for burning, and smell just like the real thing--without the calories!!

Our candles are made with a proprietary vegetable wax, and they contain no lead, zinc, or other toxins.  They are natural, clean burning, eco-friendly, and are incredibly long lasting. The scent lasts from the first light to the last flicker and when the candle is done, all that is left is a clean, empty jar. 

We even take the guesswork out of choosing a fragrance.  We have our most popular scents by season, which keeps it simple when buying for someone else.  To simplify it even further, you can choose to purchase the “Fragrance of the Month” which is always one of our top sellers. 

So the next time you reach for that Gift Card as you are running through the grocery store, stop and ask yourself if that is what you really want to give, or is it simply the easier thing to do?  Ordering a candle online takes only a few minutes and is sure to be remembered long after the gift card is used on who-knows-what.  In fact, I keep several jars in various fragrances on hand just for those purposes.  Tie a nice ribbon around it, and you do not even need a gift bag! 

Tune in tomorrow as I highlight more of our most popular products and fragrances--for everyone on your list!!

Until Next Time, Dream Large....


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