Monday, August 2, 2010

It's official - I am the parent of an "adult"

Happy 18 Tee!
Yeah, it's sideways.  Duh....
They're Everywhere!!!
I couldn't resist

I am that mom who always laughed cynically when someone (everyone) would say, "They grow up so fast!"  Really?  That has not been my experience.  Perhaps when they were babies, it did seem that time flew by, but as they got older, and especially throughout the teenage years, I must admit that time seemed to come to a stand-still.  Please don't get me wrong--my kids are the world to me.  But in all fairness, while I probably am not going to get the oh-so-coveted Mother of the Year Award, neither of my kids are going to be receiving the Teenager of the Year Award either. 

But those are stories for another day....or several other days.  Let's just say that I can vouch for the saying that "Payback is a Bitch!"   Certainly gives my parents a good laugh watching me go through these times with my own kids. 

Anyway, so while I never thought time flew by, it really was shocking to wake up last Sunday and realize that I am now the parent of an adult.  It just does not seem possible--for her, or for me.  Of course, her first official act as an adult was to go register to vote.  YAY!  One of the requirements for continuing to live at home after 18 is to vote.  That is simply not optional.  Especially not with the direction this country is headed. 

There are also other requirements for living at home.  First, she must be moving forward in her life.  This means a paying job, in addition to working on her apprenticeship at the tattoo parlor.  She also has to enroll in school.  She wants to learn pastry art (the correct term evades me.)  So she has to be working toward that goal as well.  While I do not mind the piercing and tattooing as her Plan B, she does need to have a Plan A for her life.  While tattooing might be great at 18, 19, 20.....she must stay focused on long-term goals.

I have seen too many of her older friends just stop moving after high school.  I do not want her to be one of those adults.  It still strikes me as odd, and sad, that this new generation seems to have lost that drive and determination that I remember having as a young adult.  However, I am committed to helping overcome these obstacles, as long as she is committed to working toward being a productive and responsible adult.

The truth is, I don't know what I would do if she left home right now.  Maybe it's because I'm a control freak and cannot imagine not being there to help her manage her life.  Maybe it's because, after being a single mom for so long, I am overly attached to my kids.  Maybe it's because I really enjoy spending time with Taylor (most of the time....)  But most likely, it's a combination of all these, and more.

All I know for sure, is that I am proud to be her mother and her friend.  She was a beautiful baby and is now a beautiful young woman.  And I am older than dirt!  haha

Yes, she is an adult!  Not grown up, but an adult!  ;)
Until Next Time, Dream Large....


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