Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crazy Crazy Life & Other Musings from my week

Happy Thursday Everyone!

First, I would like to apologize for being non-existent this week.  I would love to have a really great reason for not posting anything new since the 4th of July, but the truth is that I had one of those weeks where life just got away from me. 

My kids went to Oregon to see their grandparents, but for some reason, their teenage drama seemed to not only follow them there, but somehow managed to elevate and affect me here as well.  So much for my Independence Day, but that's the life of a parent. 

In addition to the kids, I also had an emergency medical issue with Peaches, my awesome orange cat.  He was acting strange on Thursday, and when he was still not "right" on Friday, I took him to the vet.  He had developed crystals in his bladder and could not pee.  Simple enough, right??  NOT!  He has been in the hospital for 6 days now, and we are keeping our fingers crossed and praying that he will pull through.  We had to make a painful decision to give him through tomorrow to recover....In my mind, I know that he is a cat; in my heart, he is so much more.  We have been spending as much time with him as we can, but it is so hard because outside of this issue, and the catheters and fluid lines, he is still his sweet and funny self.  From his attitude, you wouldn't even know he was sick. 

Here he is before they had to add the gigantic cone on his head because he kept pulling out his catheter, and he'd chewed through his fluid line in his leg....but he let me take his picture.  He looks thrilled huh?

So, this is my "excuse" for not posting this week.  Hopefully, I'll get back on board and back to my schedule!
I have lots of stuff to write about in the next week--from Networking events to Biz Tips to a photographic journey through Jerome, Arizona!