Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Featured Biz presents "Savings Corner"

Friday Featured Biz

This week completely got away from me and I found myself scrambling last night to get my featured biz lined up for today.  Thankfully, Tina from Savings Corner, came through for me.  So Thank You Tina!! 

Tina is one of those women I admire...she really knows how to save money using coupons, discount codes and sales.  While I LOVE a good sale, I am really pretty lazy with coupons.  However, Savings Corner really gives me no excuse not to make a better effort.  Everything is laid out so you can easily find what you are looking for--from coupons to contests to rebates and every category imaginable!  How simple to pop by her site, check for a discount code or coupon, and be informed before you shop!!!

Here is what Tina has to say about her business:

Savings Corner

"My name is Tina, aka "The Coupon Lady" and I am  the Owner/Author of Savings Corner (, a website designed to share with families the power of coupons.  In today's economy, coupons matched up with sales from major retail stores can make a strong impact on your budget and overall quality of life.  How?  Obviously, coupons save you money (and I mean TONS of money ... not just face value!) and that affects your budget.  And in turn, the savings can aid in the quality of your life ... having more money to purchase the necessities in life (and the "wants"!) and being able to save gives your family a sense of financial security.  Now that is power!
Savings Corner will provide you with the tools to "arm yourself" for shopping success by providing you with coupon and sales match ups for major retail stores every week, links to printable coupons, links to e-coupons, freebies and samples.  But most of all, I equip families with the knowledge and information needed to shop with confidence!
Savings Corner and other small businesses (whether on-line or your mom and pops local grocery store down the road) depend on the encouragment and faithful support of others.  For me, I show support for other coupon savings websites by sharing deals and linking back to their website, encouraging the author of other websites by leaving uplifting and encouraging comments and by offering my help and support whenever I can.  Also, getting to know your local owners of small businesses and developing that "personal" relationship is very important for maintaining a sense of loyalty.  I believe the way to a successful business is to treat others the way you want them to treat you; respecting them as a person and as a small business owner with honesty and integrity.
I would love for you to visit my website, take a look around and become a follower.  With Savings Corner, you will learn how to "Buy more. Save more. Spend Less!"
Stop by and show your support for Tina!  She is providing a truly incredible and time-saving service that even people like me can use!!  Don't go shopping before you check with Tina to see if she has a discount you can use!!
You can connect with her on Twitter and Facebook as well!!