Saturday, July 31, 2010

Feeling The Love....and Paying it Forward!

"Versatile" sounds so much nicer than "Random & Unpredictable!"

Wow, I have to say that as much slacking as I have been doing this month, I was shocked to discover that I was awarded "The Versatile Blogger Award" not once, but twice this week!!  Now, that either means that people prefer when I write nothing (haha) or that you all appreciate my random ramblings about whatever is running through my mind....I prefer to believe it's the latter!

The first to honor me with this award were Carol and Stacy from Intentional Conscious Parenting, where two friends have come together to produce an incredible blog about parenting...providing insight and thoughtful ideas on connecting with our kids, and other fantastic stuff!  Thank you Carol and Stacy!!!

The second to pass this fantastic award to me was Jinnia from The Thankfulness Continues.  Jinnia's blog, like my own, has a little of "something for everyone!"  Whether talking about family, business, blogging, etc....she really does provide real-life support and information on a variety of subjects!!  Thank you, Jinnia, for the award!!

I hope to be able to continue writing about subjects that you will find interesting, intriguing, funny, and/or useful and entertaining!  

Now on to the "requirements" of receiving this award:  

In order to receive the award fully, I must
1) Thank the person who gave me the award. Thanks again to Carol, Stacy, and Jinnia!!
2) Share seven things about myself.
3) Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs, and let the nominees know about the award.
Seven things you may not know about me:
1.  I cannot draw a stick figure, but I absolutely love painting the rooms in my house, especially using various faux-painting techniques.  I am working my way through my house one room at a time, and when I'm done, I'll probably start over.
2.  I am scared of heights
3.  I didn't know how to swim (more than to save my life) until I was 27 and moved to Southern Cal and started surfing. Even more surprising, I actually became quite a decent surfer!
4.  Although I consider myself to be fairly conservative, I have 7 tattoos....and I love them all!
5.  I moved in with my husband after only 5 months --Thank God it worked because to do that, the kids and I had to move to Arizona.
6.  My idea of "window shopping" is a trip to Home Depot!
7.  I am a recovered alcoholic and have been sober almost 4 years.

Wow...that was hard!  Because I write such a versatile blog (haha) I don't have a lot of "personal" things that I wouldn't normally write about.  But there ya go!
Now, on to the 15 blogs that I am nominating the Versatile Blogger Award to:

WOW!!  That was far harder than I thought it would be!!!  There are so many fantastic blogs that I frequent, as well as thousands of others that I should!!  Narrowing it down to 15 was no easy feat!
Again, I would like to thank the people who gave me the award, and to all of you who read my blog and especially those of you who comment and provide feedback!  It really helps to know what is working and what is not.  Thank you also to the authors of the blogs I haunt.  I am always entertained, enlightened, educated, and touched by your stories, pictures, experiences, and ideas.
Until Next Time....Dream Large!