Wednesday, June 30, 2010

YES! I finished the 30-Day Blog Challenge!!

Okay, so this is the final post of the 30-Day Blog Challenge!!  I heard about the challenge after only one week of blogging...and I thought, "hey!  I can write 30 blogs in 30 days..."  So I decided to sign up. 

Let me tell you (or perhaps you already know), this is not as easy as it sounds.  I originally started my blog as a way to talk introduce people to my products and my business opportunity.  I quickly found, however, that no one, myself included, wants to read a blog that is completely devoted to a home business--or any other single topic.

I decided instead to write about my life and all the wonderful, frustrating, crazy, awesome people, places, and things that make up who I am.  There is always something going on around here that I can turn into a funny, useful, or meaningful story. 

I also started a new feature for my blog called, "Friday Featured Biz" where I feature one small business owner each Friday on my blog.  Through my networking events, I have met the most incredible and dynamic people and have taken my appreciation of small business to a whole new level. This has been a great feature for me, and I hope, as I continue to blog, my followers will grow and these businesses will get some new clients through me.

Today I found myself 3 posts behind on the Challenge, and almost threw in the towel.  Another friend messaged me on Facebook and encouraged me to finish the Challenge.  I decided that she was right--how silly to go this far just to give up at the last minute.  So, here I am, pounding out this final post so I can get it sent out and can run out the door to another Networking Event!!! 

With that, I will say goodnight!  My goal is to continue writing new articles 4 times per week, so you will see me either tomorrow or Friday for sure!  I have another fabulous small business to feature on Friday, so if I don't see you before, I hope to see you then!!

Until Next Time....