Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Brand-New Episode of "To Work or Not To Work (from home)" TODAY'S TOPIC: LEGIT COMPANIES -- WHO ARE THEY & WHERE DO I FIND THEM?

What your pet might think about you working from home!
Like the title suggests, today's topic is about how to find those legit companies for those people who are looking for a "telecommute" type of position.  Some companies offer Independent Contractor positions and some are looking for employees.  At least one of these companies even offers health benefits!! 

So before I get too far into this series of "Working From Home," I want to point out a couple important things to know:
  1. I am not an expert on the subject of working from home. (WHAT?!)  All my information, links, etc. come from my own personal journey or through talking with friends who work from home.
  2. My list of companies I believe to be legit, are simply the ones I have some experience with.  Clearly there are countless reputable work-from-home opportunities, but I will only add links to ones that either I, or someone I know, has researched.
  3. Don't take my word--or anyone's word--on any opportunity.  While the people you know have your best interest at heart, no one knows what is right for you--except you.
  4. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!  Google the company and add "SCAMS", "COMPLAINTS," etc to the search...and read what real people are saying about anyone you are thinking of doing business with.  The things I have learned by that one simple search have stopped me from making what could have been many potentially disastrous mistakes.
  5. If you have a company that I have not listed, and many people will, please put it in a comment and I'll do my best to get it in one of my next blogs!!
Okay, Okay, I get the point....On to the Good Stuff!! 

my baby, Jax
I just did a Google search for "Work from Home Jobs" and this is what it came back with:  
"About 77,500,000 results"   Can you say "YIKES!"  No wonder so many people just give up the pursuit and stick to their day jobs!!

Now, on to that list!

Sutherland Global Services provides various types of outsourced support for companies.  They offer positions in various fields:  Customer Service (answering phones, taking orders, handling complaints, etc.) for some very well-known companies.  They also have positions for you techies out there, providing tech support for the clients of these companies.  They may have added new positions as well.  They hire employees, rather than Independent Contractors, and even offer health insurance!!  I have a good friend who works for them and loves it!  You will have a set schedule with this company rather than being able to make your own hours.  But, hey!  You can do it in your pajamas!!

FlexJobs has literally thousands of jobs to look through and apply for.  This is what they say about themselves:  "You'll find the best telecommuting and online jobs, from freelance to full-time, in over 50 different job categories. Every job is hand-screened and legitimate. Guaranteed"

I have picked up a couple piece-work jobs off their site and been happy with their service. They even have a "Research Companies" tab right at the top of their page.  This is a perfect site for someone who isn't sure what they might be looking for.  Definitely worth checking out!!!

LiveOps is a call-center outsourcing company.  These jobs will primarily be providing telephone customer-service for their clients.  While I did not work with this company, I did my homework on them and was impressed enough to leave them in my contacts.

LiveWork is also provides outsourcing to their clients via at-home workers.  They offer positions in many different areas, including answering telephones, providing customer service, data entry, etc...

Staffing at Home is also like LiveOps and LiveWork.  Many different types of positions with various companies.  Worth a visit!!

Okay, so as you can clearly see, this is a very small list indeed.  Even I have many more legit sites I used to frequent before I found my dream job...if you would like further info, shoot me an email, or leave me a comment, let me know what you are looking for, and I'll see what I can do!!

However, this list should keep ya busy for awhile and give you an idea of the opportunities available to anyone who is looking to work from home in a virtual office environment.

"TO WORK or NOT TO WORK (from home)


Danielle said...

Thanks so so much for the info. I plan to check into each of these and see what is best for me. If you have read my latest blog you will understand why I am in serious need of some extra money. Any will due at this point. Also, as a you know I am new to the blogging world, so how can I add all the buttons and things that you have added to your page? It looks great and I would love for mine to look great too. Thanks again for the info, its sure to be very helpfull.
come visit me again at

Night owl mama said...

Thanks for coming by Such a cute site you have here. Love your list. Sometimes it is so hard for some to find legitimate work at home. I am lucky to be blessed by finding work on twitter believe it or not. I saw a tweet go by that there was company hiring contacted them and I've been working with them a YEAR now. Got my mom a job too.

~*Nomie*~ said...

I found you through MBC! GREAT information!!! You can find me at:

Can wait to read more! :o)

Linda Randall said...

Found you by searching the 30 Blog Challenge. How do you like it so far?

Lesa Antone said...

Hi Linda, heading over to your page now!! I like the challenge so far, but I've had pneumonia for a week now (just got to the dr. yesterday cuz I kept thinking it would go away!!) so I've been doing a lot more sleeping than networking!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll see you at your site soon!

ace and friends co. said...

thanks for the follow... right back at ya from MBC... great blog.

Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and following! Have a wonderful weekend. Will

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