Monday, June 14, 2010

Organization--Not my Strongest Suit!!

Organization is a nasty little 12-letter word in my mind!!  I so envy those people who get up in the morning and just "know" what they need to get done, and the most time-efficient way of accomplishing it all.  You know the ones I'm talking about, and maybe you are even one of them.  They are always put together and are rarely seen scrambling around for misplaced keys, shoes, or brain!  They just grab their list, or calendar, or whatever it is that they use, and off they go!!! 

Okay, so this is maybe aiming a little high,
but what are we without dreams???

If I sound bitter, well, I am.  I have always wanted to be one of  those people.  I really am more of a "get out of bed, stumble downstairs, suck down a pot of coffee, sit down to check my email...."and somehow after that, it's a blackout until about noon!  Mind you, I'm up at 5:00 am most mornings, so that's a significant amount of unaccounted-time out of my day!  Don't get me wrong--I have great intentions!  Sometimes I even remember what they were!  But rarely do I accomplish even half of what is on my to-do list.  Rarely.  

This is my Starting Point...
Okay, so it's not this bad...but that's probably only because most of my work is "paperless!"

Because I am someone who doesn't like to complain without some sort of solution, I have formulated --okay, I'm still formulating--a plan to get myself organized!!  I want people like me to look at me and think, "I wish I was more like her!"  

Now, I don't know about all of you, but when I need clues on how to do something better-in this case, getting my day organized--I head to the one place that seems to have all the answers:  GOOGLE!!!  And here's what I learned.

Apparently getting organized is simple!  In fact, according to more than one site, they have over 1,000 ideas to simplify my life!!!  Wow, Really??  1,000???  Okay, clearly that site is not for me.  On to the next one.

Yes, this is better:  TEN WAYS TO ORGANIZE YOUR TIME!!

Sometimes baby-steps are best.  I understand, especially now that I am running my own business, that my time needs to be used more effectively.  Duh.  I meant to write a post for my blog this morning...and here it is, 9:30 pm and I am finally getting to it!  

One of  the things I love about working from home is my ability to manage my day--HAHAHAHA!  That is not happening right now.  But it needs to.  And it can (at least according to Google!)

So, tonight's homework for myself:  Read ALL 10 ways to organize my time--not just the ones I like....and then formulate a plan to start implementing these strategies into my day.  Check back tomorrow to see what I have figured out!!  Maybe you'll find a tip you can use in your life...or if you have a tip for me, please share!!  I won't hate you just because you're organized!

Until then....


Anonymous said...

I so need these ten steps! I fantasize about the gorgeous office above... really my office is a desk in the playroom covered in notebooks and scraps of paper pulled from my purse. I'll let you know if I make any progress :).

dropping by from bloggy friends - I'm here:

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