Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Fragrance of the Month--Coconuts & Lime!!!

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Summer is upon us!!  It's time to open up the doors, turn on the barbecue, spend time with family & friends, and just enjoy the beautiful weather!!!  For me, when I think of summer, I think of fresh fruit & berries, gorgeous spring flowers, and vegetables from the garden!

I also think of the fact that friends often just "pop in" unannounced, which is great, when the kids and I stay on top of the housework--not so great when we slack on it....If you've been to my page before, you probably know that I have a lot of pets.  I love my animals, but I do not like my house to smell like my animals.  In addition to air purifiers, I always have a candle lit by the front door and in the family room.  When people come in, I want them to feel welcome.  Studies have shown, that when we walk into a room that smells pleasant, we are far more likely to feel comfortable, safe, and want to stay.  (Common sense tells us that too!)

This month, we are featuring our Coconuts & Lime fragrance, in honor of summer!  If you have never tried our Gourmet Candles, now is a great time to experience for yourself the difference a quality candle makes!!


Naturally Sweet and 


Helps fight Depression

Combine these two fragrances in the "highest performing candle on the market today"....and you have an instant and long-lasting smell that will brighten your home and create a welcoming atmosphere for your family and your guests!!

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Nationwide, Everyone is saying that
Our Gourmet Candles
are The BEST smelling candles ever made!

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What makes us different??

Our products are created, manufactured, and distributed in the USA!!  (Our owners support the American economy and provide jobs to Americans that other companies are outsourcing!!)

Our candles are created using an all-natural proprietary vegetable wax.  We do not use soy simply because soy does not hold the scent as well.

Our wicks are 100% Cotton--No More, No Less!!  Our jar candles are double or triple-wicked for even, clean burning. 

Our products do NOT contain lead, zinc, or other harmful ingredients....this means they are safe for your family and your pets!!

Virtually Soot-Free....NO black junk on the jar, in your air, or in your lungs!!! 

Over 90 true-to-life fragrances that really do last from the first light to the last flicker!!

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LittlePeopleWealth said...

Those scents sound yummy!

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Thanks for the follow and the sweet comment I am totally following you back now! Looove your blog!

Mrsblogalot said...

Mmmmm...I can just smell the goodness in here (-:

Nice to meet you girl! Just followed along.

Have a great week!

momof2 said...

Those sound like they would smell scrumptious and in time for summer! I am following you back from MBC!

Michelle said...

Your candles are beautiful! Following from MBC! Follow back at!

Lola Cantara said...

Great post! There's nothing quite like lighting a scented candle and curling up on the couch to brighten up your afternoon :). I love following your blog, and it spirit of that I thought I would share this link with you and your followers; since with summer having arrived, and our kids spending more time on the Internet, remembering how to keep them safe is ever the more important:

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