Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Featured Biz! Next Level Consulting & Virtual Ass't Services

It's Friday!!!  Which means it's time for this week's Friday's Featured Biz!

This week, I am honored to introduce you to another awesome lady I have become friends with through this wonderful world of Social Media!  I am always amazed at the people I have "met" through Facebook, MySpace, (yes, I have had a MySpace account--I have teenagers--it's a must!) and now Blogging.  The internet really does make the world a much smaller place, and open us up to people, places, & things we might not otherwise have a chance to experience.

This week, I would like to introduce Lisa Rodriguez with Next Level Consulting & Virtual Assistant Services.  Not only does she provide Small Biz Consulting Services, but her blog is filled with awesome tips, tricks, and links!  

This is what Lisa had to say:

Next Level Consulting & Virtual Assistant Services
"Next Level Consulting & Virtual Assistance is a small business consulting and virtual assistance firm that specializes in helping coaches, consultants, speakers and other online entreprenuers create productive businesses, while maximizing their internet presence and revenues.   Collectively our background spans over 24 years as both office and virtual professionals providing administrative and business support.  Our team members are willing to show initiative and play more of a “partner” role vs. simply taking care of specific tasks. 
I choose small/online-based businesses as my niche market because I firmly believe this market in particular is poised for the most growth in the next five years.  The current state of the economy and a shaky job market has been a catalyst for more and more of the "downsized" to take a risk and pursue their dream of working from home.  It offers flexibility, especially for those with families and the earning potential is not limited by your perceived value at a large firm.  Trends are emerging that indicate more and more people are on the internet, not in front of their television sets - and they are all searching for ways to create income.  And they also all have the same issue in common - they need support in their efforts.  I really enjoy partnering with entrepreneurs to help them achieve success with their businesses.
I also believe supporting other home-based business owners - not just my clients.  I offer business promotion on both my website, as well as my newsletter free of charge.  I love how social media and networking opens opportunities you might otherwise not have had.  Watching that happen for others is what makes my "job" so rewarding."
Be sure to check out Lisa's Blog, and tell her Happy Birthday while you are there--her birthday was yesterday, June 24, which I just discovered.  Also, make sure you join her Facebook Fan Page!  She provides such awesome information, you won't want to miss a thing!
If you are looking for some great biz tips or if you are in need of a Virtual Assistant (aren't we all sometimes???) or Consulting, consider talking to Lisa and finding out how she can help you grow your business, manage your time, and de-stress your life!  
Thank you, Lisa, for this awesome post, for the service you provide, and for being a part of Friday Featured Biz!
Please remember to Support the Small Business Owners in your community and online!