Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Implementing 10 ways to stay Organized...can I do it???

Okay, so if you read my post yesterday, then you know I am a self-proclaimed clutter-brain!!  If you didn't read it, it's still below this post, so feel free!  To find tips on how to organize my day, I did a Google search for "Tips to organize my day."  There were a few  Thousands of sites to choose from...one even boasting 1,000 tips to get organized!!  This seemed just a tad daunting, so I chose something that is a little more my speed... 10 ways to Organize Your Time !!

Surely even I, the most unorganized and unstructured person on the planet, can implement 10 simple ways to keep myself on track!  Right?  Well, let's find out!  On to that list!!!  

1.  Have Time Management Tools.  (i.e. Computer, Calendar, Notebook, etc....)
Okay, So I have these things. I have always had these things.  That's awesome.  It tells me to "have" them, but not how to effectively "use" them.  I mean, I get it.  Keeping a calendar is a fantastic idea--but it seems to work better for other people.  I buy calendars and planners....I just forget to use them. 

2.  Know Your Priorities. 
Yes, this is important.  In fact, this is one that I am generally pretty good at.  Of course, because life has a way of shifting priorities at a moment's notice, it is also important to be flexible.  But, overall, I think I am okay on this one.

3.  Have a Routine.  
What?!   This one is really really really tough for me!  I'm a "fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" impulsive kind of girl!!!  Just like the Time Management Tools, I get that this is important, but implementing structure seems ....oh, what's the word...."structured?"  Hmmm.....On to Number 4.

4. Stay Organized.
Hmmmm....this is truly perplexing....isn't that why I am on this site to begin with?  How do I stay organized when I was not organized in the first place????  Clearly, the author of this article thought that "9 Ways To Stay Organized" didn't sound nearly as good, so they threw this one in to make 10.   I'm on to their game!!

5.  Always Have A Plan.
Alright.  I think I was pretty cool with the "Get Organized/Stay Organized" thing, but isn't "having a plan" suspiciously close to "Having a Routine?!"

6.  Don't Waste Time.
Okay, I am really feeling like there is way too much redundancy in this list.  Like perhaps this page is a "waste of time."  But we're already halfway done....let's just get through it.

7.  Have Extra Time That You Need Personally.
Okay, so now we're talking!  If there is one  thing I am good at, it's taking personal time.  Perfect.  I am feeling more organized already!!  

 8. Track Your Time.
This one is all about using tools (software programs, notes....mainly the same stuff we are supposed to use for Tip #1.)  I think we all know how I feel about this.  It's great in theory, but I really think I require baby-steps on using all these programs that are supposed to save time!  And what does that take???  That's right--Time!

9.  Use The Right Resources.
Okay, so this one is in complete contradiction to both Numbers 1 and 8!!  This tip talks about how computer programs and tools can take so much time to find and implement.  DUH!!  Isn't that what I've been saying???

10.  Ask for Help You Need It. 
Isn't that why I came to this site??  


No, That's not necessarily true.  I can, in fact, implement these things.  Some of them (think "personal time") I already do!  However, if I take this list apart and really examine it, I come up with less than 10 actual individual tips, and honestly, nothing I do not already know in theory--I need to learn how to put it into practice.  I feel less than fulfilled.

Remember the "baby-steps" I talked about?  Yes, I need to go back to the basics.  

So, here's my plan.  Rather than hit up the "1000 tips" in hopes of finding 10 original, easy-to-implement plans of action, I am going to do the most basic organization of all.  The one thing that has stood the test of time.  Those words that husbands have historically dreaded since the days of carving notes in stone: 

"A Honey-Do List!"  But rather than a honey-do list for my husband, it will be for myself.  The simple theory of writing it down and crossing it off as I get it done.  In fact, for one week, that will be my goal.  If I can get that done, then maybe, just maybe, I can add one more simple organizational task....and eventually, I will find a system that works for me!!

Tune in Tomorrow when I take you on a visual stroll through historical old-town Glendale, with all its fabulous charm and Mom & Pop shops!!  



Fiona Bosticky said...

I really enjoyed reading this tips for getting organised. I'm pretty organised myself, but of course I do have those "off" days where organisation aludes me. I think I will try some of these tips on THOSE particular days. I especially like number 8. Thanks Lesa :)

Sheri Temple said...

Very cute! I enjoyed your insight. Wishing you well on your first baby step to organization. As much as I love to be organized, I struggle with it. It is all the kids fault. lol

Lesa Antone said...

Thanks for the comments!! I really am working on my organizational skills...it's definitely a slow process for me!
@Sheri....I love the way you think! It is probably my kids' fault as well!!

Lesa Antone said...

@Sheri and @ Fiona!! I want to visit your pages, but I cannot figure out this program I am using. If you have blogs, can you please comment with the url so I can stop in and say hello??


Kelli Miller said...

On that is hilarious!!! one of the WORST organization posts I have ever seen, but it gave you great blog fodder, huh?  ROTFL! THat sounds like a post from someone who didn't have a clue but wanted search traffic LOL

Lesa Antone said...

LOL  Thanks Kelli!  I am glad to see that someone agrees with me!  Love it!! 

Bill Vann said...

O.K. Lesa,
I'm on your blog and i'm going to cut and paste the ten steps on word and print them out.
Man it was fun to see you again today.

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