Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Small-Town Shopping hidden in the City!!

As promised in yesterday's post, and in honor of the kick-off to my Friday Featured Business, I will be taking you on a "tour" of Catlin Court.  Yesterday afternoon, I grabbed my daughter and my camera and went to a little district, 2 blocks off a main street in the City of Glendale, Arizona, where "Mom & Pop" Shops are alive, and if not flourishing, determined to survive!! 

Because pictures really are worth 1000 words, this will be largely a photographic journey back in time.  Where people are happy to see you, the yards are lush, green, and maintained.  Where there is an air of peace and tranquility.  Where these people are devoted to keeping their businesses alive in this unstable economic time.  

As one shop owner said to me, "I've been here 18 years.  I do it out of love."

Off we go....
First Stop--a trip to Halo to visit my friend Ronda
and get Taylor's nails done!!

In case you can't tell, Taylor didn't like it at all....

After Ronda, we walked directly next door to....
Where we spent a few minutes talking to Shelley, who is one amazing lady!!!  
You can't buy this quality in a grocery store!!
This is my kind of cookie!!!

The store across the street was closed, 
but worthy of a picture!!
Down the street we go....almost every store is a converted house on tree-lined streets that make you feel right at home....check out these pics.....

I had so much fun, and even Taylor had to admit that there really is something special about this place.  I have so many fantastic pictures...of all the incredible merchandise inside the stores & more of the outside...Believe it or not, there are over 80 businesses in this district!!

I think, however, that I will save them for another day.  I do want to leave you with a couple final thoughts.  

First, I have been to this district only two times in recent history.  (Yes, I am guilty of choosing convenience over character.  A flaw I am working very hard at correcting.)  Yet, there are shop owners who already recognize my face, and are happy to see me.  They introduce me to other shop owners who wander in, and love to tell stories about all the awesome things to do in their beautiful little corner of the world!!
I ask you:  When is the last time you walked into Wal-Mart and someone, not only recognized you, but was happy to see you, and talked to you like a long-time friend?  If that happens to you, I need to shop at your Wal-Mart, because it does not happen at mine!!

Next time you need a unique gift, or just have the urge to do a little window-shopping, search out that hidden gem in your city....and give your business to the people who deserve it.  And who will give it back ten-fold.

Thanks to the shop-owners who allowed my camera and my questions...and thank to you, for going on this tour with me.  
Until Next Time.....


Lua Naquin said...

What a great day! :) I have great memories of mother-daughter days with my mom, and she loves to find cute little hidden places too! Those desserts look so yummy!

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